About Alkhair Foam

Every day, since the 1980, we aim to become the obvious choice for the people of Pakistan in the bedding retail industry. A subsidiary of the Al-Khair Group, our passion at iFoam (the generic name of our brand) is derived from the will to provide the masses of the nation with the highest quality of mattresses, and other bedding related products, at the most affordable price.
We believe that good sleep, a comfortable and peaceful resting place, is not a privilege for the affluent and the well to do. Every Pakistani deserves to have, and has a right to have, a relaxed and rejuvenating sleeping experience. Everyone finds a place at the kingdom of comfort.
That is why, we at iFoam diligently work each day with the state of the art technology to bring you the customer satisfaction you want at the most competitive price in the market. It’s the smiling faces around Pakistan that we want to see and work for.
Our research and testing department is continuously invested in improving the quality of our products and to systemize innovative solutions to bring to you the ultimate comfort.

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