Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The practices of AKGL are compliant and in accordance with applicable laws which are clearly defined in the code of conduct. Our Human Resource department plays an integral role in educating and training employees regarding the code of conduct and its implementation.

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Al-Khair Gadoon and its employees comply with all applicable laws. They strictly adhere to all rules and regulations which have been defined by the company in the Policy Manual.

Safety and Security

AKGL aims to provide a safe work environment for all its employees. Employees should report any occupational safety and security concerns to their immediate supervisor so that timely action can be taken.

Conflict of Interest

AKGL has defined its policy regarding Conflict of Interest in the Policy Manual. Employees are expected to strictly adhere to the defined rules. In case conflict or potential conflict arises, the matter must be immediately reported to the HR department.

External Activities

Employees should inform the HR department of any external activities and engagements that may have a bearing on AKGL’s branding and standing. Activities that interfere with the reputation of AKGL or are in any way are in conflict with the interest of the company must be avoided. In case of any doubt, employees can seek guidance from the HR Department.

Recruitment Decisions

AKGL hiring and people development decisions are fair and unbiased. Employees are hired based on merit and competence. The Policy Manual has clear guidelines regarding hiring and professional growth of an employee.

Regulatory Compliance

The employees and the Board shall abide by the relevant legal and regulatory framework applicable to AKGL. Employees should consult with their supervisor or the Compliance Office in case of any ambiguity.


The Policy Manual clearly outlines the use and dissemination of company data. Any disclosure of data required by law, regulation, or legal proceedings must be approved by the Board.

Work Place Harassment and Discrimination

AKGL is an equal opportunity employer and employee privacy, safety and well-being respect is of utmost importance. Employees are mandated to follow all rules and regulations in the Policy Manual. Alongside, employees should maintain a professional decorum in all dealings regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion or professional standing, both onsite and offsite. Employees are encouraged to raise any concerns with the HR Department.

Corporate Governance

AKGL complies with the Code of Corporate Governance as issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan for listed companies.

Fair Dealing

AKGL has a zero-tolerance policy regarding bribery or corruption. Any cases involving unethical practices will be thoroughly investigated and decided upon by the management. Employees are encouraged to report any misdemeanour to HR department.

Protection and Proper Use of Company Assets

Company assets should be utilized with utmost care. Employees should exercise their business judgment in a manner that protects AKGL’s assets and encourages efficient usage. All AKGL assets should be used for business purposes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

AKGL is dedicated to make their mark as a socially responsible organization. The company is involved in numerous philanthropic projects such as the setting up of Al-Khair Hope and Al-Khair Welfare which are geared towards social uplift and well being of the community.

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