Departments and Functions

Departments and Functions

The company has been divided into certain departments for effective communication, autonomy and maximum efficiency. These departments are horizontally and vertically integrated for the best output possible.


  • Standardized reporting of each transaction
  • Making financial information available to the public
  • Liaison with the analysts
  • Maintain cordial relations with local and international lenders
  • Maintaining PKR impact of each transaction
  • Monitoring the financial impact of each transaction
  • Conducting assessments and giving advice on cost-benefit relations
  • Keeping the necessary records
  • Managing income tax, sales tax, excise duties, customs, levies and other taxation affairs.
  • Serving as the primary focal point for auditors, internal of external
  • Acting as the terminating point of marketing and purchasing departments as receivables and payables sub-sections
  • Responsible for the management of budgets and planning
  • Handling the foreign currency and interest-based exposures for the company


  • Tasked with keeping and updating the record of an extensive network of services and goods in the country
  • Tasked with securing the best quotes from the suppliers
  • Tasked with selecting the best quotes in terms of quality and quantity
  • Tasked with ensuring the timely supply of goods and services.


  • Development of demand for the product in Pakistan
  • Development of demand for the product outside of Pakistan
  • Improving brand visibility in the market through effective strategies
  • Conducting surveys in the market
  • Increasing the equity of the brand
  • Managing the advertisements and promotional activities
  • Maintaining logistics arrangement
  • Maintaining the supply and demand between production and dispatch
  • Ensure timely supply of products to dealers and customers

Corporate & Secretariat

  • Maintenance of the share's information and shareholders' record
  • Alleviating the shareholder's grievances by properly addressing them
  • Liaison with corporate authorities of the country
  • Preparing, keeping and submitting the mandatory records with corporate governing authorities and bourses
  • Issuance of notices related to the corporate sector
  • Managing and conducting meetings for the board and shareholders
  • Keeping a record of all the meetings
  • Responsible for any correspondence with authorities and bourses
  • Responsible for charge filing and other activities pertaining to charges

Production & Technical

  • Surveying for best equipment & supplier
  • Analyzing equipment of various suppliers and picking up the right one
  • Keep all the equipment and running condition
  • Keeping and implementing the most appropriate maintenance program
  • Ensuring the quality of the product
  • Ensuring the health, safety and environmental standards implementation
  • Bringing innovation to the production processes
  • Maintaining the stores, spares and workshops


  • Maintaining the updated IT system in the company
  • Resolving issues and troubleshooting
  • Provision of equipment to ensure effective performance of staff duties
  • Deployment, maintenance and updates of the ERP system
  • Ensuring the security of the equipment and stored data
  • Ensure employee training and smooth transition between systems
  • Maintaining necessary stocks for any abrupt demands
  • Maintaining backups and disaster recovery plan
  • Ensure successful testing of the backups and DRP

Human Resource

  • Assessing the skills required for the company in different positions.
  • Liaising with departments on their requirements
  • Develop strategies for market penetration. Maintaining resume banks and links with outsourced talent hunters
  • Jobs’ advertising
  • Designing and updating job descriptions
  • Conducting annual appraisals and earmarking the benefits increments and promotions
  • Addressing the human capital grievances and resolving the issues
  • Act as arbitrator for human resources issues
  • Work and arrange on the continuous development of human resource
  • Work on Human Resource development through training and workshops


  • Maintenance of workplace
  • Responsible for security and safety of people working in the workplace and equipment and record of the Company
  • Provision of all necessary items and environment for staff to perform duties
  • Maintaining the company’s vehicle fleet
  • Ensuring discipline in the workplace
  • Training of workplace safety, discipline, health and environmental issues
  • Maintaining first aid and all necessary measures to combat any untoward event
  • Assisting the general society on issues about health, environment, sports, handicapped persons etc.
  • Hosting of company guests

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